Buenos Aires

The city of Buenos Aires, one of most important of Latin America, is a great cosmopolitan and multifacetic large city. With evident universalist influence, it causes astonishment in the tourist. It is capital of the Argentine Republic and vital knot of the nation. Of European architecture, many streets remember those of Paris. Witness of their most important cultural life is their numerous museums, exhibition halls and conferences, galleries of art, cinemas and theaters with national and international spectacles of first level. Columbus, one of the lyrics but important theaters of the world, is host, next to varied scenes, of an intense musical activity that includes all the sorts including of course to the typical and famous Tango; and the city is visited frequently by orchestras, groups and solists of all the globe.

Financial, stock-exchange and economic seat of the country, is the main port of the nation. Its commercial activity is very intense, reflected in the numerous premises of the main world-wide marks, commercial galleries and shoppings. Its nocturnal life very is varied and it extends until high hours of the dawn. Discotecas, restaurants, confectioneries and many other attractions for all the tastes extend by all the city offering an innumerable supply to the tourist. Its hotel capacity sandal from luxurious hotels 5 stars of international chains to modest lodgings, including a all the economic levels.

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