Cuyo and Cordoba

When crossing this vast region, you will find a zone of strong resistances. This runner presents/displays an important pole of tourist attraction to have one varied topography, surrounded by sites of historical interest and beautiful landscapes that they invite to the development of sports of high mountain. The region of Whose it includes/understands the provinces of Mendoza, San Luis, San Juan and La Rioja. Famous by the quality of their vineyards? that is used world-wide for the recognized wine production excellent, it is a site to let itself astonish by its multiple landscapes. Can be carried out paleontological tourism in the Natural Parks Ischigualasto? Talampaya and tourism of adventure in the zone of the Aconcagua, Tupungato and on the mighty originating rivers of Los Andes.

Being a region of high summits and snow-covered volcanos, numerous thermal sources with remarkable therapeutic properties complete the tourist supply of the place.

Cordoba, capital of the province of the same name, this historical city was born of desire to tie the Peru Stop with the River of the Silver, through which it was known like the Dirt road. It is the second more important large city of the Argentine Republic and the main one of the central zone of the country. It presents/displays a relief with one slight slope towards the Small Mountain ranges in the valley of the Suquía River and a Max temperature average of 24º C, being the minim of 11º C. Tourist destiny chosen by its history and its imposing landscapes, has places of surprises for the visitors. A direct form to accede to this region is by air, since it counts on the Airport the White Straw International.

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