Argentine NorthEast

Includes two subregions: chaqueña and the mesopotámica. The subregion chaqueña is a flat wooded plain and uniforms, with mainly subtropical climate that goes until the tropical one. Mesopotamia is surrounded by two great and mighty rivers: Parana and Uruguay, besides to be crossed by many other rivers and streams. Great part of the region is low and marshy, when receiving an important rain volume, and towards the south are matting and low mountain ranges. It presents/displays, in the province of rocky Misiones, formation that break the channel of rivers by jumps giving origin, expresses and falls. Spectacular example of this is the famous Iguazú Falls, declared Natural World-wide Patrimony of the Humanity by the UNESCO, as thus also the Jumps of the Moconá. Southest we found the coast of the provinces of Entre Ríos, Corrientes and Santa Fé, with numerous beaches, islands and sites for the practise of swimming, the sport fishing, with spectacular units, and sports.

In both subregions we found flora and rich and varied fauna, mainly in the selváticos sectors subtropical prote'ge's of Misiones, and in the forests and parks more temperings of Corrientes and Entre Rios, like in the natural reserve Matting of the Iberá. Also we can enjoy thermal sources in several cities. Best time to visit it: Autumn, winter and spring. Activities to make: trekking; rafting; cavalcades; thermal baths; fishing sport; strolls and nautical activities; flora and fauna watching.

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