Argentine NorthWest

The Northwest is, in its great majority, a mountainous region with spectacular landscapes. Average appears to the west like a high plateau of 3800 meters over sea. (like the Puna), furrowed by mountainous chains of high height. In the central part they appear the gorges (like the one of Humauaca) of great slope. To the east we found mountain ranges that as soon as they surpass the 2000 meters, like transition to the plain chaqueña. In hills the resistance of the snow in summits of the highest tips occurs; with red, violet and the green ones of the alive rock. The tourist Train to Clouds in Jumps, he is one of highest of the world, and allows to appreciate these landscapes of a unique way. The Gorge of Humahuaca in Jujuy with its colorful village and mountain ranges colorful, some of pre-Columbian them, is worthy to appreciate.

In all this region colorful immersed flat towns of history and in natural scenes without equal can be found, like Purmamarca, Tilcara, Yaví, Humahuaca, Cachi and Iruya, among others. The Provincial Park Talampaya in the Rioja emphasizes by its imposing and spectacular landscapes, conformed by rocky forms that the wind eroded and stem during centuries. The Spas of Río Hondo in Santiago del Estero are of international relevance by their curatives powers. Jungles zones with a varied fauna exist and important, preserved like national parks, like King and Baritú, both in Jump; and the Calilegua, in Jujuy.

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