Patagonia Argentina

NEUQUEN, the cold and semi-arid tempered climate do to the province of Neuquén apt for the development of multiple activities. Throughout his extension it presents/displays one varied range of landscapes that surely will captivate the traveller, or who is eager of adventures like thus also if it looks for to count on the best hotel services, gastronomical and of relaxation.

RIO NEGRO, like most of the patagonic provinces, combines sea, rivers, lakes and mountain range. Their visited points but are Bariloche with their Cerro Catedral, the center of great ski but of South America, and the coast Las Grutas. But, sure Rio Negro has much but to offer. The trip to the interior of an iron mine in Great Mountain range can be fascinating. Also a circuit to the center of the fruit production that harvests best apples of the world.

CHUBUT, the frank whales of the south, the marine colonies of pinguins and wolves, are the strong plate of the tourism in this province. Cause by which she is well-known in all the country, and the foreigner. But Chubut has much but to offer. Variety of landscapes, a Welsh community that impronta has left his and one of the famous trains but of the world: the "Trochita", true museum on wheels.

SANTA CRUZ, ice, windy and rich steppe, coasts in petroleum. Santa Cruz, immense province of the Argentine south, keeps many corners to discover. The its attractive most famous one is the Brown Skillful Glacier and the ice to eter to us that they surround it, considered one of potable water the sources but important of the world. The pointed mountain Fitz Roy also attracts hundreds of visitors and climbers. Already in the interminable plateau, a petrified forest and a fascinating cave with paintings of 9,000 years ago back, give to testimony of cultures and last times. And in the coast, a series of cities dedicated in their majority to the oil operation, guards faunísticas reserves and full landscapes from cañadones, including River Galician, the provincial capital.

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