Self-driver Car Rentals ( Rent a car )

We have the most important fleet of cars in Argentina, vans, 4WD vehicles, and minibus, motors gasoline and turbo-diesel of last generation, to rent without driver.
All the vehicles are with guarantee from factory, mechanical attendance, and insurances for all special risk. We have special rates and promotions throughout all the year. Car rentals without driver are offered in all Argentina.

Car Rentals with Driver

We give all the services in units last models , category 5 stars with equipment of maximum comfort with Professional drivers and cellular telephony.
Executive cars, Special Vans, Minibuses, Buses, Limousines, and Vehicles.
Our services with driver are offered in all Argentina.

Armored Vehicles

Our fleet of armored vehicles is made up of units Mercedes Benz, BMW, Hyundai, Chrysler, Peugeot and Renault.
All the vehicles are accredited in the RENAR (National Registry of Arms), with level 3 of shield certificate (it repulses attacks with caliber 357 weapons).
The shield is complete protects 360º of the vehicle, even the tires that specially are protected to continue still rolling with firings that have made white in such.
The glasses have 17 mm of thickness and resist 5 firings of the caliber mentioned in a triangle of 10 cm of side. They are vehicles of normal appearance, with shields of last technology where very light polymers are used that increase the weight of the car in a maximum of 140 kg. Allowing to conform the same benefit of any normal car.
They are possible to be rented without driver, or also to be contracted with professional drivers widely enabled in defensive handling and with professional guards drivers.
Our armored services of are made in all Argentina.

Services to Companies

Associated Rent to Car offers the highest variety of services, with and without driver, in all the bordering Argentine Republic and countries.
Our fleet of special units, can fulfill but the demanding services and routes.
The national and international companies of greater importance trust our experience.
We have ample references of made services to the same ones.
Our operational capacity is available in all Argentina.

Buses Rentals

Last generation buses for trips of short, average and release distance. Category 5 stars, with equipements of maximum comfort , conditionned atmosphere, bar, bath and video. Vehicles Scania, Mercedes Benz, and Iveco.
Totally qualified with provincial, national and international permissions of circulation.
Professional drivers with ample qualification and experience in all the routes of the country and the neighboring countries.
Security and comfort are the characteristic that prevails in Associated.
We hoped you to share trips of great comfort and pleasure.

High Performance Cars

The most prestigious marks of cars are available for rent with and without driver.
Mercedes Benz, BMW, Chrysler, convertible Ferrari 348.

Air Services

We offer executive flights to anywhere at the country.

Learjet units of last generation of 8 to 12 passengers.

Aerial helicopters biturbine for City Tours and transfers.

Aerial taxi - executive flights - sanitary flights - national and international.

Air charges - couriers. Service of Aeronaútica S.A.


Advertising Promotions on Wheels

This service offers the possibility of making publicity in vehicles with and without driver, adapting the units to the modality that is necessary for the client.
Discover the ideal form to plan a campaign on wheels:

Sticky graph.
Special works.
Script writing.
Drivers - Supervisors.

Publicite your product en anywhere in Argentina.

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